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Angleball Uses Another Sports Ball?

hand holding blue angle ball ball with angle ball logo in white on the side also holding a rope in same hand basic equipment for angle ball angle ball ball

Never heard of Angleball? You’re probably not alone. This sport was created during World War 2 to keep service men and women as well as students and athletes fit. Angleball is still used today to keep the NFL conditioned and is used for recreational use across the Africa and the US. 

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Basketball or Netball?

girl in green blocking shot by girl in yellow netball basic equipment ball and net hanging of a pole

Netball is game based off of the game of basketball in the late 1800s. Netball became an international game in the 60s with set rules and regulations. One of the rules included the balls measurements, listed below. 

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This is Not Bowling!

lawn bowls mid play red balls yellow ball black balls white ball basic equipment for lawn bowl different colored balls per player

Bowls or lawn bowls is a sport in which the objective is to roll biased balls so that they stop close to a smaller ball. According to the Corporate Challenge Lawn Bowls – Basic Rules, The bowls are all colour coordinated and different colours relate to different sizes. The colour of the bowls in increasing size are:

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Wiffle Ball

wiffle ball laying in the foreground next to a yellow wiffle ball bat basic wiffle ball equipment wiffle ball ball yellow wiffle ball bat

Wiffle ball is a variation of the sport of baseball designed for indoor or outdoor play in confined areas. The game is played using a light-weight plastic perforated ball and a plastic bat. According to the Wiffle Ball Association of New Jersey Rule 2.00: THE BALL: Only the white baseball size Wiffle®Ball, (eight slots on one side) will be used for play.

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Olympic Shot Put Ball Regulations

women with a shot put ball basic equipment for shot put iron ball or brass ball

Shot put is played by at least 2 competitors that throw a heavy iron or brass ball; trying to beat the other in the distance that that ball is thrown. The Olympic Shot Put for men and women are different in size and weight but the rules of the game are the same.

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Two Standards for Squash Balls

black squash ball on the corner of the squash court basic equipment for squash small black squash ball

Squash is a racquet sport played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The players must alternate in striking the ball with their racquet and hit the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court. The ball equipment for squash has two types of balls, one for competition and one for club games. The balls are fairly similar with only minor details in differences.

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Canoe Polo

blue and orange canoe polo ball with paddle above basic equipment for canoe polo regulated ball

Canoe Polo also known as Kayak Polo is one of the competitive disciplines of canoeing, known simply as “polo” by its aficionados. Polo combines canoeing and ball handling skills with an exciting contact team game, where tactics and positional play are as important as the speed and fitness of the individual athletes. Section 38 of the International Canoe Polo Federation’s sets the specifications for balls to be used in the sport of Canoe Polo, also known as Kayak Polo. The 2013 Competition Rules for The Ball state the following:

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SmartPlay International Rubber Balls for Lottery Draws

Smartplay Rubber Lottery Balls

Many lottery organizations, including the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, use the Smartplay International rubber balls to ensure that the winning numbers drawn are completely random. In addition to the machines used for the drawing, the testing procedure and the safeguard procedures followed by the personnel, the consistency and testing of each set of balls is critical to the fairness of the draw.

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NOCSAE Stamps Ball Regulations

NOCSAE National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, stamped yellow ball new regulated lacrosse ball

The NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, who set standards for athletic equipment have updated the standards on both Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse balls that are used for play. More information can be found on this on the USLacrosse website.

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