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As Close as you Come to a Ball in Ice Hockey

There really is not ball in ice hockey, but we are big fans and do not want to leave out the sport.  A puck, which is round in two dimensions, is used in place of a ball.  The NCAA controls everything down to the color.

Section 3- Equipment
Rule 13 – Puck

  1. 13.1  Dimensions – The puck shall be black and shall be made of vulcanized rubber, 1 inch thick and 3 inches in diameter, and shall weigh between 5-1⁄2 and 6 ounces. Any logo placed on a puck shall be situated in the center of the puck; the diameter of the logo shall not exceed 1-1⁄2 inches.
  2. 13.2  Supply -The home team shall provide warm-up and game pucks. It is recommended that game pucks be frozen before the game. The home team will have five pucks available at the scorer’s table for each team should either team wish to warm-up a goalkeeper during its time-out.
  3. 13.3  Illegal Puck – If at any time while play is in progress, a puck, other than the one legally in play, shall appear on the playing surface, the play shall not be stopped but shall continue with the legal puck until the play then in progress is completed by change of possession.

NCAA Ice Hockey Rules and Interpretations- http://pointstreaksites.com/files/uploaded_documents/2439/2014_2016_NCAA_Ice_Hockey_Rulebook_3.pdf
Photo – www.wallpaperup.com/172011/hockey_puck_black_ice.html

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