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Road to El Dorado character Chel holding armadillo wrapped up as a ball DreamWorks film

DreamWorks Gives a Take on Aztec Game

In 2000 DreamWorks made The Road to El Dorado. This story of two spanish swindlers who were looking for the gold of El Dorado, but came across so much more. How does this relate to sports balls?

In the film, the two main characters play Ulama with the natives of the city. Not only do they use the traditional ulli ball but an armadillo is used as a ball as well. Check out the link above to view a clip of this scene.

Check out how DreamWorks made this game come to life:

Youtube Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pF03BXxUSY
Photo – http://earnthis.net/brian-terrills-100-film-favorites-67-the-road-to-el-dorado/

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