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wheelchair rugby ball equipment tough flexible leather bladder on inside

Wheelchair Rugby

Developed in Canada in 1976, the sport’s original name was murderball. Wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court. The rules include elements of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, handball, and rugby union. It is a contact sport and physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the game.

Unlike traditional rugby, wheelchair rugby is played with a spherical ball. This ball is similar in appearance to a volleyball.

SECTION 3. Equipment

Article 14. Ball

The game shall be played with a spherical ball made of a flexible leather or synthetic leather case, with a bladder inside made of rubber or a similar material. The ball’s circumference must be 65 to 67 centimeters and its weight must be 260 to 280 grams. A ball which meets FIVB regulations for volleyball shall be considered to meet IWRF regulations for Wheelchair Rugby. The ball shall be white in color and shall be inflated to at least 7.5 pounds pressure. Referee 1 shall be the sole judge as to the suitability of the ball provided.

International Wheelchair Rugby Federation – http://www.iwrf.com/resources/iwrf_docs/Wheelchair_Rugby_International_Rules_2012_English.pdf
Photo – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/paralympic-sport/paralympics-gb/9524299/Paralympics-2012-despite-Great-Britains-defeat-the-crowd-were-thrilled-by-the-violence-of-wheelchair-rugby.html

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