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USHA Rules for Court Handball

The last complete rulebook was released by the US Handball Association in 2005. Court Handball is a competitive game in which either hand or either fist may be used to hit the ball. It is played indoors in a court similar to a raquetball court.

Rule 2.2 Ball.
A. Only USHA official balls shall be used in all USHA event.
B. Current Specifications. USHA Red Label ball:

1.) Material. The material should be rubber or synthetic material.
2.) Color. Color is optional.
3.) Size. 1 and 5/8-inch diameter, with a variation of 1/32-inch, plus or minus.
4.) Weight. The ball shall be 61 grams, with a variation of 3 grams, plus or minus.
5.) Rebound. Rebound from free fall, 70-inch drop to a hardwood floor is 48 to 52 inches at a temperature of 68 degrees F.
6.) Selection. A ball should be approved by the referee for use in each match in all tournaments. During a game the referee has the authority to change balls if he deems it necessary. Though it is the referee’s decision, he should honor requests when made by both sides or when he detects erratic bounces.

C. Other specifications. A lighter and/or larger ball may be used for any division provided it is USHA approved and is specified on the entry blank.

US Handball Association – www.ushandball.org
Photo – http://www.ushandball.org/component/option,com_acajoom/act,mailing/task,view/listid,14/mailingid,898/Itemid,412/

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