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Skeeball – An Arcade Favorite

If you’ve ever been to an arcade you were more then likely to have seen a skeeball machine. This common arcade game is similar to bowling and played be people of all ages.

There are no official rules for the equipment that is used in this game, but all skeeball machines use the same equipment. There are 9 baseball/fist sized balls that are used to roll down the inclined alley.  There is no specification on the color of the balls, but the most common colors that you will find are brown, white, or black.

The goal of skeeball is to get as many points as possible. 9 skeeball balls are used per round and are rolled down the inclined alley into different marked holes that determine the amount of points you receive. When played in an arcade the more points you receive, the more tickets you get that generally are used to exchange for prizes.

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