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3 yellow shuttlecocks small ball with plastic yellow "feathers" coming out of the back basic badmiton equipment shuttlecock ball

Shuttlecock, The Ball of Badminton

Shuttlecock is the ball of badminton and there are rules as to what it can looks like. 


The Shuttlecock Sport Ball consists of two parts: the top part with the feathers and the rubber base. Four colored goose feathers (usually white, yellow, or red) are placed in a form of a cross into the pipe of the base. The rubber base consists of three parts: the upper base, the lower base and the pipe for the feathers. All these are made from rubber. The hole is connected with the lower base and the top base consolidates the pipe at the top. Several disks made of hard and thin skin or any other similar material are placed between the top and lower base. The thickness of the rubber base is 1.30-1.50cm and the diameter 3.84-4.00cm. The height of the pipe for the feathers is 2.50cm. The total height of the Shuttlecock Sport ball is 13-15cm and it weights 13-15 grams.

Shuttlecock Rules – http://www.shuttlecock-world.org/files/shuttlecock_rules.pdf
Photo – http://www.fantom-xp.com/wp_54__Shuttlecock.html

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