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Pesäpallo – Baseball in Finland

Pesäpallo is a Finnish version of baseball and is considered the national sport of Finland. This game is very similar to American baseball with the one major difference being that the vertical pitching.

Pesäpallo is an international sport and has many rules. There are specific rules for the balls dimensions:


1 § The ball

Only balls approved by the PPL may be used in official games.

All official balls have a circumference between 215 and 225 mm.

The weight of a men’s ball is between 155 and 165 g.

The weight of a women’s ball is between 130 and 140 g.

The weight of a children’s ball is between 90 and 100 g.


Official International Rules – http://www.pesis.fi/pesapalloliitto/international_site/rules/
Photo – ls24.fi

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