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Olympic Beach Volleyballs Are Bright

The 2007/2008 Official Beach Volleyball Rules determined by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) dictate that the balls be spherical, flexible and uniform within a match. At 66 to 68 cm in circumference and appearing in bright colors, the balls are made of materials that do not absorb humidity.
Rule 3. Ball
The ball shall be spherical, made of a flexible material (leather, synthetic leather, or
similar) which does not absorb humidity, i.e. more suitable to outdoor conditions since
matches can be played when it is raining. The ball has a bladder inside made of rubber
or a similar material. Approval of synthetic leather material is determined by FIVB
Color: bright colors (such as orange, yellow, pink, white, etc.)
Circumference: 66 to 68 cm for FIVB international competitions
Weight: 260 to 280 g
Inside pressure: 171 to 221 mbar or hPa (0.175 to 0.225 Kg/cm2)
All balls used in a match must have the same characteristics regarding color,
circumference, weight, pressure, type, etc.
Official international competitions must be played with FIVB homologated balls.
For FIVB World Competitions three balls shall be used. In this case, six ball retrievers
are stationed at each corner of the free zone and behind each referee (Diagram 6).

Federation Internationale de Volleyball – www.fivb.org
Photo – fashion-beauty-styl.blog.cz/rubrika/adminciny-kecy/2

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