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Mondo Croquet…Don’t Forget Your Sledgehammer!

How many of you would play a game that involved bowling balls, sledgehammers, where an object of the game to get your ball through all the hoops in the proper order, hit the flags, become a zombie, and knock out all your opponents?

This is the game of Mondo Croquet. This game is extremely similar to the classic game of croquet except that you play with bowling balls and sledgehammers and once you finish the course, you go back as a zombie and attack all other players.

There is no official size of the bowling ball that is needed to be used, but it must be a bowling ball.


Mondo Croquet Instructions – http://www.mondocroquet.com/instructions.html
The World Mondo Croquet Federation – http://mondocroquet.com/rules/
Photo – www.portlandsports.com

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