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Mini Golf – “Fore!”

Mini golf/put put is a common activity played by people of all ages, especially in the summer time. The common game is a variation of golf but with more obstacles and a shorter distance course.

Even though this game is generally for recreational use, there have been many leagues and tournaments that have specific rules of play. According to the World Minigolf Sport Federation’s 2.3 Worldwide International Sport Rules Rulebook, there are specific rules for the mini golf ball equipment.

4. The Ball

4.1  All minigolf and golf balls of any material are permissible.
4.2  The diameter of the ball must be between 37,0 mm and 43,0 mm. Balls must not bounce more than 85 cm when dropped on concrete from a height of 1 m at 25° Celsius.
4.3  Only balls which are permitted under the homologation rules for balls may be used in tournaments.
4.4  The details of homologation of balls are summarised in a regulation.
4.5  If the rules regarding the ball are violated, the shots played with a non- permitted ball count on the lane on which the violation is noticed, and the lane has to be replayed.

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