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Major League Lacrosse Uses Orange “Grippy” Ball

Major League Lacrosse was founded in 1991 as a professional outdoor lacrosse league.  The current rules include the use of a shot clock and allow for a 2-point goal to be scored.  While the website does not contain specifications for the ball, the history section of the site does offer this interesting information regarding the lacrosse ball.

July 21, 2002: Scott Urick was named the Bud Light Game MVP as the National Division All-Stars defeated their American Division counterparts in the 2002 MLL All-Star Game at Prince George’s Stadium in Bowie, Maryland. It also marked the debut of Warrior’s orange “grippy” ball. The ball has been the official game ball of MLL ever since. It is colored fluorescent orange and textured, making it less weather sensitive.

Major League Lacrosse – www.majorleaguelacrosse.com
Photo – laxallstars.com/traditional-thursday-old-ball-looks-like-traditional/

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