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Gateball – A Fast-Paced Game

Gateball is fasted paced, team version of croquet that was created in Japan as a recreational sport for young people in 1947. It has been picked up and is now played internationally.

The rules and regulations for the equipment of the game has been made into the World Gateball Union Official Gateball Rules. According to the World Gateball Union Official Gateball Rules, the rules of the ball are as follows:

Clause 2. Ball
1. The ball used shall be of an even spherical shape with a diameter of 7.5 centimeters (±0.7 mm) and a weight of 230 grams (±10 grams), made of synthetic resin. There shall be a total of ten balls: five red balls and five white balls.

  1. (1)  The red balls shall be marked in white with the odd numbers ‘1,’ ‘3,’ ‘5,’ ‘7’ and ‘9.’
  2. (2)  The white balls shall be marked in red with the even numbers‘2,’ ‘4,’ ‘6,’ ‘8’ and ’10.’
  3. (3)  The ball number shall be 5cm in height in principle, and be visibly marked in at least two locations on the ball.


World Gateball Union Official Gateball Rules – http://gateball.or.jp/jguweb/wgu/officialrules/file/World_Gateball_Union_Official_Gateball_Rules_2011.pdf
Photo – www.prefeitura.sp.gov.br

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