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2 guys playing after ball over volleyball net with feet footvolley basic equipment ball and beach volleyball net

Look Ma! No Hands!

FootVolley is a sport that was created in Brazil where you volley a soccer like ball without using your hands. The field rules of the game are similar to beach volleyball.The rules for the type of balls that are used are listed below:


a) Pressure 0,56/0,63 kg/cm. 
b) Circumference 68 to 70 cm 
c) The use of Mikasa Kickoff SWL 310 – Mikasa F5 balls are highly recommended. 

Uniformity of the Balls 
All the balls used within the same game must have the same characteristics in circumference, weight, internal pressure and type. 

Three-Ball System 
In official national competitions three balls are used, in which case, the ball-handlers are positioned one in each zone of sack, and a third one behind the second referee.

Official Rules of FootVolley – http://www.footvolley.gr/webfiles/rules_en.phpPHPSESSID=6e65fe88c76bce896f4746699333ca2b
Photo – http://www.futevolei4x4.com/2012/?p=293&lang=en

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