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Fistball is Similar to Volleyball

This game is similar to volleyball with the main difference being that a fist and your arm are the only thing that can hit the ball over the net. Fistball is played competitively all over the world and there are specific rules and regulations for game play.

According to the International Fistball Association the official rules for the fistball ball are:


The fistball is a hollow ball filled with air. Its basic colour is white, but up to 20 per cent of the surface can be made up of several smaller coloured pieces. The ball must be fully inflated.

At the beginning of each match the ball must satisfy the following requirements:

– weight

– circumference – air pressure

350 – 380 grammes (males) 320 – 350 grammes (females)

65 – 68 centimetres 0.55 – 0.75 bar

Balls used in international matches or in the highest leagues of the member federations must meet additional criteria set by the committee and the Technical Commission of the International Fistball Association.


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Photo – web.pts.org.tw

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