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Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Although somewhat smaller than most balls, marbles share the same spherical shape, and are a classic pastime. No one knows where they originated, but marbles have nonetheless evolved from simple stones in Egyptian times to artisan and industry crafted spheres.

According to the Official Rules of the National Marbles Tournament Inc.:

THE SHOOTER – Each player has his or her own shooter, which should be distinctively different from all other marbles in the game.

  • MATERIAL – The shooter can be either manufactured out of glass or ground out of stone, e.g. agate, flint.  They cannot be made out of any metal.
  • SIZE – The shooter shall be not more than ¾” in diameter and not less than ½” in diameter.

TARGET MARBLES – These 13 standard marbles are all identical to each other.

  • MATERIAL – Target marbles shall be manufactured out of glass.
  • SIZE – The target marbles used shall be standard 5/8” marbles.

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