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Curling, Not Just for Hair

Being a solid, oval rock thrown down the ice, the curling rock/stone serves as the ball in this winter-inspired sport. Believed to have originated as an enjoyable pastime of throwing stones over ice during a harsh Northern European winter, curling is now played world-wide at all levels of recreation and competition.

According to the World Curling Organization,

  • (a)  A curling stone is of circular shape, having a circumference no greater than 91.44 cm. (36 in.), a height no less than 11.43 cm. (4.5 in.), and a weight, including handle and bolt, no greater than 19.96 kg. (44 lbs.) and no less than 17.24 kg. (38 lbs.).

For the Olympics, the curling rock is made of rare, dense granite that is quarried on Scotland’s Ailsa Craig.

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