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Candlepin Bowling

We have all heard of traditional bowling and duck pin bowling but there is yet another type of bowling in this arena. 

Candlepin is primarily played in the New England states and Canada.

To play the game, players roll balls down a wooden lane to knock down as many pins as possible. Each player uses three balls per frame that are smaller than traditional bowling balls and do not have holes for your fingers. The downed pins are not cleared away between balls during a player’s turn making the game slightly more difficult to play even though the pins are more narrow than the traditional bowling pin. 

The concept is the same but the ball size is very different:

SIZE: A new Candlepin Ball shall be manufactured NEW to the size of 4.500 inches diameter, with a tolerance of pus or minus .005, (5 thousandths of an inch) i.e. 4.505 or 4.495 inches. If the ball is manufactured outside of the tolerances stated, it will be considered illegal.

WEIGHT: The new ball must NOT be manufactured in excess of 2 lbs. 7 ounces. Over this weight will be considered illegal. All balls shall be equally balanced from its core to its circumference to maintain it’s equal distribution of weight. Any ball out of round or weighted to one side to act as a roll directive for hooking, will be considered illegal.

MATERIAL: Wood and a composition of rubber and plastics can be used in the making of candlepin balls. New materials may be introduced if approved by the sanctioning body of the ICBA.

Candlepin Ball Specifications – http://www.candlepinbowling.com/assets/files/lanesanc_and_specs.pdf
Photo – http://boston.jumpshell.com/how-to/living-in-boston/fun-facts-about-boston

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