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Broomball’s Stick Has Evolved from the Broom

Broomball is a fun alternative to hockey. This sport has the same rules as traditional hockey but they use a stick that resembles a broom and a small ball instead of a puck.

The official regulations for the ball equipment of this sport as stated in the La Crosse Broomball League Rulebook is:

F. The Ball

indoorball outdoorball-2

1. The ball shall be a size 2.5 with a lace-less molded cover of 32 or more panels. The ball shall be made of leather, synthetic leather, or rubber. It shall measure approximately 47cm. in circumference with a weight of 275 grams when inflated. (Baden 332)


La Crosse Broomball League – http://webpages.charter.net/lbl/pdf/Broomball%20Rules.pdf
Photo – grssc.com

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