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Bocce Ball Uses not 1 but 8 balls

Bocce ball is played with not 1 but 8 balls and on all different types of surfaces such as grass, sand, and indoor turf. 

Standard set consists of 8 bocce balls, typically 4 green balls & 4 red balls. (People who are color blind complain about the typical red and green balls. You may want to get 4 dark colored balls and 4 very light colored balls.) Every ball must be the same diameter, same weight, and made with the same materials.
All 8 balls shall be identical in size and weight. Tournament grade Bocce ball sets are available with 100 mm to 115 mm diameter balls. Bocce Standards Association has chosen the International Standard ball diameter of 107 mm (4.2 inches) and weight of 920gms. (2 lbs.) as the standard size.Manufacture Specification ]Diameter: 107 +/- 0. 5 mmWeight: 920 +/- 10 gms.
Hard plastic composite materials (bowling ball type materials).


Bocce Standard Association – http://www.boccestandardsassociation.org
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