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Beer Pong (21 and Older)

Beer pong is best known as a drinking game that is typically played in college by people of legal drinking age. This game is now played worldwide in tournaments that have specific rules and regulations for the game. 

To begin the game, ten cups per team containing liquid are placed in the shape of a triangle, similar to the way billiard balls are arranged for the initial break.  Each team tries to fill each of the ten cups with a ball that is either tossed directly into the cups or bounced into the cups.  As cups are filled, they are removed from the triangle. When six cups remain, they are reformed into a smaller triangle.  When three cups remain, they are reformed into an even smaller triangle and when one cup remains, it stands alone.

The official rules for tournament play regarding the balls that are used, are as follows:

II. Balls: 40 mm 3-Star Tournament Grade BPONG™ Balls


Rules – http://www.bpong.com/tournament-rules/
Photo – http://besttoddlertoys.eu/tag/beer-pong-logo


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