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Australian Football League Uses a Symmetrical Oval Shaped Ball

Australian Football is a sport played between two teams of eighteen players on the field of either an Australian football ground, a modified cricket field, or a similarly sized sports venue. The main way to score points is by kicking the ball between the two tall goal posts. The team with the higher total score at the end of the match wins. 

Conceived in 1857 as a winter game to keep cricketers fit during off-season, Australian Football has evolved over time. In 1880, the current Official ball was invented by T.W. Sherrin after he was given a misshapen rugby ball to fix. The rugby ball was elongated, and used to wear heavily on the ends of the ball. Tom created a new shape and developed a pattern that made the ball rounder on the points. The ball was still oval in shape, which allowed the ball to bounce more evenly and easier to kick.

The Australian Football League appears to be the authority on the Laws of Australian Football, wherever it is played. Part C, Section 4 of the Laws of Australian Football 2008 provides the details.


4.1 D imensions and Weight
Unless otherwise determined by the AFL, a football shall be of a symmetrical oval shape and conform to the standard size of 720–730 millimetres in circumference and 545–555 millimetres transverse circumference and be inflated to a pressure of 62–76Kpa.
4.2 Supply and Selection of Footbals
Unless the Controlling Body decides on an alternative procedure, the following procedure shall apply to the supply and selection of footballs for a Match:
(a) the home Team shall supply a minimum of two footballs approved by the Controlling Body to the field Umpires before the commencement of the Match;
(b) the field Umpires shall inspect and ensure that the two footballs are suitable to be used during the Match;
(c) the field Umpires shall submit the two footballs to the captain of the away Team, who shall select the football to be used; and
(d) unless the captains of each Team otherwise agree, the football selected by the captain of the away Team shall be the football used for the entire Match.

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