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100-inch Drop Test Used for Racquetballs

Racquetball is a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor court. Unlike most racquet sports,  such as tennis and badminton, there is no net to hit the ball over, and, unlike squash, no tin (out of bounds area at the bottom of front wall) to hit the ball above. Also, the court’s walls, floor, and ceiling are legal playing surfaces, with the exception of court-specific designated hinders being out-of-bounds

The USA Racquetball, USAR, is the national governing body for the sport of racquetball, recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee and is committed to excellence and service to our members.  In its 2007 USAR Official Rules of Racquetball, the governing body provides ball specifications and ball selection rules.

(a) The standard racquetball shall be 2 1/4 inches in diameter; weigh approximately 1.4 ounces; have a hardness of 55-60 inches durometer; and bounce 68-72 inches from a 100-inch drop at a temperature of 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit.
(b) Only a ball having the approval of the USAR may be used in a USAR sanctioned tournament.

(a) A ball shall be selected by the referee for use in each match. During the match the referee may, based on personal discretion or at the request of a player or team, replace the ball. Balls that are not round or which bounce erratically shall not be used.
(b) If possible, the referee and players should agree to an alternate ball, so that in the event of breakage, the second ball can be put into play immediately.

USA Racquetball – usaracquetballevents.com
Photo – www.heidiwade.com/winston-deloney-plays-racquetball-for-fast-weight-loss-results/

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