school kids playing tetherball yellow ball equipment on string on a pole with 2 kids playing and one kid watching

Tetherball is a traditional grade school game where two opponents stand opposite each other in hopes to securely spin a ball on a rope around a pole. Rules of the official ball size are unclear but can be purchased with a tetherball equipment set.

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Play Ball Babies

little kid swinging a bat at the tee ball ball on the tee ball stand red shirt helmet basic equipment for tee ball

T-ball is the introduction for children ages 4 and up to either baseball or softball. This sport uses a stand that holds the ball  instead of someone throwing the ball at them. 

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Korfball Is Not for the Fellas

man shooting ball into korfball net yellow ring on top a pole basic equipment for korfball

This Dutch sport is similar to netball and is played with either all girl teams or co-ed teams with four men and four women. The objective of this game is to throw a ball through a bottomless basket that is mounted on a large pole. 

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Past President Creates A Sport

girl hitting medicine ball over volleyball net hooverball basic equipment medicine ball and net

Hoover-ball was invented, developed and perfected by White House physician Admiral Joel T. Boone to keep Hoover physically fit. It is a combination of tennis, volleyball and medicine ball. Teams of up to five people play on a court 66 feet by 30 feet with an 8 foot volleyball net. A 4 or 6 pound medicine ball is used and scoring is exactly like tennis.  – History of Hoover-Ball, Hoover Association

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Look Ma! No Hands!

2 guys playing after ball over volleyball net with feet footvolley basic equipment ball and beach volleyball net

FootVolley is a sport that was created in Brazil where you volley a soccer like ball without using your hands. The field rules of the game are similar to beach volleyball.

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