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Dating back to the earliest forms of bowling, the history of skittles goes back to Ancient Egypt in 3300 B.C. Skittles is the origin game of many of the games we are familiar with today, including candlepin bowling, five-pin bowling, and ten pin bowling. It started as a European lawn game and was often played in pubs in the United Kingdom. The game is played indoors on a bowling alley with a heavy ball and, most commonly, nine skittles, or small bowling pins. The players knock over the skittles to gain a winning score. Regional varieties determine exact scoring and skittle set-up.

Skittles: Older than the Candy

Old English Skittles

A popular regional version of the game Skittles, which much resembles bowling, is known as Old English Skittles.  Originating in the Greater London area, Old English Skittles uses nine pins and a cheese. A cheese is disc shaped, ranging from 8.5 to 12 inches in diameter and made from very heavy wood.

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