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Rules of the game with respect to the game ball.

Swamp Football is a Muddy Experience

Ever wish football(soccer) would be a little more exciting? Swamp football might be the sport for you! This sport is similar to the traditional game with minor changes, one of them being that it is played in a bog or swamp. This sport is played over seas in countries like Brazil, Finland, Iceland, and Russia.

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Royal Shrovetide Football

Could you imagine playing football for two eight hour periods on a “field” where the goals are three miles apart? If you want to play royal shrovetide football in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, this is something you can expect. The game is played against the North and South sides of the town and the goal is to push your opponent all the way to your end zone. This game is played twice a year on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

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Jeu de Paume – “Game of the Palm”

Jeu de pause (game of the palm) originated out of France as early as the 17th century. This game has also been known as real tennis and is known as the earliest version of tennis that was played indoors. The ball was different then the traditional yellow tennis ball that is used today:

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Bossaball Kicks It Up A Notch

Bossaball is a fairly new international game that is a fun and unique twist on volleyball. There are 3 to 5 players on each team and they play on an inflatable court. Each side of the court has a trampoline where one of the players stands inside to get extra bounce.  The players are also allowed to use any part i.e. hands, feet, or head.

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Four Square – Not Just for Kids

Four Square - Vote now

Four Square is a common playground game played mostly in grade school. Even though it is classically played in grade school,  this game has been picked up and played in tournaments that have spread world wide.

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Mini Golf – “Fore!”

Mini golf/put put is a common activity played by people of all ages, especially in the summer time. The common game is a variation of golf but with more obstacles and a shorter distance course.

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SPAGHETTIHOLE with Meatballs

Spaghettihole is a variation of cornhole. Like the traditional game of cornhole, this game can be played as singles or doubles. If playing singles, opponents stand by the side of one of the cornhole boards, facing the opposite cornhole board. Taking turns, each competitor tosses a bag until each has thrown all four. The game is played the same with doubles, except each team has one player at opposing boards.  Each player on one board takes turns tossing their bags at the opposing board until all bags have been tossed.  The same is done on the other side.

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Rugby is Going Underwater

mens water polo 6 men playing water polo with snorkeling gear regulated equipment for water polo

Underwater rugby rules and equipment are very different than regular rules for rugby. Safety is much more of a factor as well as how the ball would be able to stay underwater. The CMAS Under Water Rugby Rules were set in place to allow the ball to be played under the water.

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Taking Hockey To The Streets

Street hockey is a form of hockey that is traditionally played on the streets, or some form of asphalted surface (i.e. parking lot or tennis courts). There are organized leagues that play the sport, but you will most likely find this game played by children playing a game of pickup in your streets.

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