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Players draw a wide circle on the ground and place 13 “target” marbles in a cross formation at the center. Each player then takes turns flicking a “shooter” marble, characterized by its larger size, at the target marbles to knock them out of the circle. Play continues, with each person shooting again each time he/she successfully knocks a marble out of the ring, until one person hits a majority of the 13 marbles out of the circle.

Ready, Aim, Fire

In a slight variation of the classic game, players stand at a setline and take turns flicking their marbles towards a hole. In the traditional game, the players each have 10 marbles, and the goal is to have the most marbles in the hole.

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Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Although somewhat smaller than most balls, marbles share the same spherical shape, and are a classic pastime. No one knows where they originated, but marbles have nonetheless evolved from simple stones in Egyptian times to artisan and industry crafted spheres.

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