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Sports Balls is a group of sports enthusiasts interested in the official specifications of balls used as sports equipment. As hobbyists, we are continually amazed at the level of detail used to accomplish fair play.

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Ready, Aim, Fire

In a slight variation of the classic game, players stand at a setline and take turns flicking their marbles towards a hole. In the traditional game, the players each have 10 marbles, and the goal is to have the most marbles in the hole.

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Disney Gives Life to Lewis Carroll’s Croquet Match

In 1951, Disney adapted Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into a movie by the same name. A naïve girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a whole new world, characterized by bizarre creatures, talking animals, and even stranger customs. One such tradition is the Queen of Heart’s game of croquet, with flamingos for mallots, human cards for hoops, and live hedgehogs for balls.

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Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Although somewhat smaller than most balls, marbles share the same spherical shape, and are a classic pastime. No one knows where they originated, but marbles have nonetheless evolved from simple stones in Egyptian times to artisan and industry crafted spheres.

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Curling, Not Just for Hair

Being a solid, oval rock thrown down the ice, the curling rock/stone serves as the ball in this winter-inspired sport. Believed to have originated as an enjoyable pastime of throwing stones over ice during a harsh Northern European winter, curling is now played world-wide at all levels of recreation and competition.

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US Squash Sets Rules for the Handling of the Ball

U.S. Squash Junior Championships

US Squash is the national governing body and membership organization for the sport of squash in the United States. It acts to increase participation in squash at all ages and to build awareness of the sport. The organization represents urban, junior and high school squash, college squash, accredited (sanctioned) tournaments and leagues, professional squash, coach and referee certifications, national championships and national teams. 

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Game Using Virtual Ping Pong Balls

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2, an online logic game, uses virtual ping-pong balls and challenges you to duplicate patterns.  You are shown a picture of a ball decorated with a design.   You are given a number of tools such as buckets of paint, belts, sunglasses, seeds, water and spray paint.  The object of the game is for you to reproduce the pattern  by determining the correct sequence of steps and the correct tools.

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Have Questions About the Balls used in Games and Sporting Events?

Balls.com discusses the rules that govern balls used in many sports around the world. We provide an index of sports that require balls in order to play. For each of these sports, we have researched the rules that govern the size, shape, color, weight, constructions, markings, pressure and other characteristics of the balls. Many of the sports have governing bodies that set these rules – sometimes for very specific levels of play. For example, the basketballs used at the high school level are different than the basketballs used in the NBA. We try to provide information for different levels of play. Other sports are more relaxed and do not have separate rules for different levels of play. From our research, you will learn of balls used in sports played indoors, balls used in sports played outdoors and balls used in sports that can be played in both. Some of the sports are better known as recreational games, while others are viewed as competitive. Over time, we hope to expand our categories to include interesting facts about balls.

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Korfball Is Not for the Fellas

man shooting ball into korfball net yellow ring on top a pole basic equipment for korfball

This Dutch sport is similar to netball and is played with either all girl teams or co-ed teams with four men and four women. The objective of this game is to throw a ball through a bottomless basket that is mounted on a large pole. 

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