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US Squash Sets Rules for the Handling of the Ball

U.S. Squash Junior Championships

US Squash is the national governing body and membership organization for the sport of squash in the United States. It acts to increase participation in squash at all ages and to build awareness of the sport. The organization represents urban, junior and high school squash, college squash, accredited (sanctioned) tournaments and leagues, professional squash, coach and referee certifications, national championships and national teams. 

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Game Using Virtual Ping Pong Balls

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2, an online logic game, uses virtual ping-pong balls and challenges you to duplicate patterns.  You are shown a picture of a ball decorated with a design.   You are given a number of tools such as buckets of paint, belts, sunglasses, seeds, water and spray paint.  The object of the game is for you to reproduce the pattern  by determining the correct sequence of steps and the correct tools.

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Pickleball for the Whole Family

Started one summer in 1965 when no one could find a shuttlecock to play badminton, Pickleball got its start using a whiffle ball, a low-set badminton net and solid paddles made of wood. A badminton court and tennis-like rules were combined for this ad hoc family game to be played with two to four players.

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