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Bossaball Kicks It Up A Notch

Bossaball is a fairly new international game that is a fun and unique twist on volleyball. There are 3 to 5 players on each team and they play on an inflatable court. Each side of the court has a trampoline where one of the players stands inside to get extra bounce.  The players are also allowed to use any part i.e. hands, feet, or head.

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Four Square – Not Just for Kids

Four Square - Vote now

Four Square is a common playground game played mostly in grade school. Even though it is classically played in grade school,  this game has been picked up and played in tournaments that have spread world wide.

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Mini Golf – “Fore!”

Mini golf/put put is a common activity played by people of all ages, especially in the summer time. The common game is a variation of golf but with more obstacles and a shorter distance course.

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