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SPAGHETTIHOLE with Meatballs

Spaghettihole is a variation of cornhole. Like the traditional game of cornhole, this game can be played as singles or doubles. If playing singles, opponents stand by the side of one of the cornhole boards, facing the opposite cornhole board. Taking turns, each competitor tosses a bag until each has thrown all four. The game is played the same with doubles, except each team has one player at opposing boards.  Each player on one board takes turns tossing their bags at the opposing board until all bags have been tossed.  The same is done on the other side.

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Rugby is Going Underwater

mens water polo 6 men playing water polo with snorkeling gear regulated equipment for water polo

Underwater rugby rules and equipment are very different than regular rules for rugby. Safety is much more of a factor as well as how the ball would be able to stay underwater. The CMAS Under Water Rugby Rules were set in place to allow the ball to be played under the water.

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Taking Hockey To The Streets

Street hockey is a form of hockey that is traditionally played on the streets, or some form of asphalted surface (i.e. parking lot or tennis courts). There are organized leagues that play the sport, but you will most likely find this game played by children playing a game of pickup in your streets.

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