Seeing Red, Kickballs

Eye on the ball

According to the World Adult Kickball Association Rulebook. 2.04 The official kickball is the red WAKA Logo Kickball with a pressure of 1.5 pounds per square inch. No other ball is approved for use in WAKA kickball games. Do not over ...

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Basketball or Netball?


Netball is game based off of the game of basketball in the late 1800s. Netball became an international game in the 60s with set rules and regulations. One of the rules included the balls measurements, listed below. 

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This is Not Bowling!


According to the Corporate Challenge Lawn Bowls – Basic Rules, The bowls are all colour coordinated and different colours relate to different sizes. The colour of the bowls in increasing size are:

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Wiffle Ball


According to the Wiffle Ball Association of New Jersey Rule 2.00: THE BALL: Only the white baseball size Wiffle®Ball, (eight slots on one side) will be used for play.

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